Do you know what spiritual ascension is? It is the increase of speed of vigorously moving energy. All this leads to a shift in our consciousness. Like when a particular life system is raising its vibrational state from one energetic state to another higher one. This is what is referred to as spiritual ascension. Spiritual ascension process is absolutely different from all people. The Ascension symptoms for spiritual ascension vary from one individual to the next depending on the level of awareness, spiritual practice, personal vibration and an individual's purpose on earth.


The spiritual ascension then gives birth to Stages spiritual awakening which is basically the realization about the connection with an entity above and beyond the physical and immediate world. For most, this connection is with God. An individual experiences lots of freedom of feelings , movement and thoughts as well when they connect with the spirit.


Effects of spiritual ascension and awakening are different from one person to another, depending on the natural state of a person. Some claim they just feel different and can't put a finger on what is the change they feel while others have actual body changes like stomach digestive issues, IBS, bouts of unexplained nausea, and even gastro intestinal problems. Changes in body temperatures and sensitivity to heat or cold have also been experienced in some people in conjunction with all or some of the sypmtoms. There is a variety of symptoms that one feels during this journey but it is recommended to listen to your being and consult your physician accordingly when needed.


Different sources of energy can bring up spiritual ascension. There is a variety of energy sources which include the most common ones like solar energy, astronomical events like eclipses and solistices. Some of the symptoms that people experience may also be caused by the energy centers of each person when opening, activating and expanding with higher frequencies of energy. Know more facts at http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/healing.  


The manifestation of miracles then follows immediately after spiritual awakening via spiritual ascension. Most people claim to realize the life of their dreams after this process. The manifestaiotn of miracles is different from one person to another as each person's dreams are different from another but the spiritual ascension and subsequent awakening leaves nobody the same way. You shall however need to keep yourself in high manifestation mode while paying attention not to erode your thoughts with negativity.

Money is a form of energy and once you realize that, the realization of miracles will be faster.  Different people, things and experiences shall come along your way in alignment with your manifestation miracles. Await your miracle after writing down your desires on your spiritual ascension journey, the subsequent awakening and feeling the desire deep down in your heart.


The facts as mentioned above are those that express spiritual ascension, spiritual awakening and ultimately the manifestation of miracles.